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Up-cycled Dress for Earth Day

Isla dress, 3, 2

There’s nothing like a good up-cycle project to commemorate Earth Day. Not to mention, this is sort of what I do anyway. I love using vintage embroidered linens to make one-of-a-kind clothes for my little Princess. And why not? These beautiful works of art deserve a second life.


For this particular dress, I used a vintage table runner featuring an appliqued flower with embroidered detailing. This was also a good excuse to raid my ever-growing stash of vintage lace. The yellow gingham happens to be a queen sized bed sheet. Even the bias tape is vintage (you can’t find it for $0.95 anymore). In fact, the only thing on this dress that’s not vintage is the thread that holds it all together. Can’t get more Earth friendly than that!

And just look at how beautiful being Earth friendly can be…..  🙂

Isla dress, 10, 2

I used the Isla Dress pattern, part of the Dreamy Collection from Made for Mermaids. It’s a very sweet and simple design that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. And, this pattern is absolutely perfect for up-cycling vintage linens. Totally in LOVE <3

Isla dress, 2, 2

Isla dress, 8, 2

Isla dress, 4, 2

Isla dress, 5, 2

Isla dress, 7, 2

Isla dress, 9, 2

Hope you all are having a good Earth Day!



Until next time….