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A Vintage Holiday with SisBoom

Oh, my word! How long has it been since I’ve sewn up anything with my cherished vintage linens? I’ve been so caught up with pattern testing and other projects, that I have been neglecting my passion for vintage (and vintage inspired) things. I mean, the name of my blog is ‘Anna’s Heirloom Boutique’ afterall. 😉

So, when the opportunity came to participate in the Sew for the Holidays with SisBoom Blog Tour, I jumped for joy! This is a perfect way for me to incorporate my vintage finds into a festive project. Plus, ever since Halloween’s been over, it seems that Holiday sewing has been on everyone’s minds. So why not get a jump-start? Amiright? 🙂

Going through my stash of vintage linens, looking for inspiration, I came across this lovely gem. The purple peacock on this vintage embroidered pillowcase isn’t necessarily Christmasy-looking on its own. But, the addition of this simple red fabric plays on the red in the flowers and brings out the festivity that was just waiting to come out. A vintage eyelet table runner will serve well as an elegant overlay for the bodice.


I chose to sew up Sisboom’s Gabriella Fae Dress for my little girl (scroll down to enter to WIN the pattern). The sweet, simple design of this dress lends itself well to my vintage vision. Sleeves are an option on this dress. In fact, there are very detailed instructions on how to get just the length you’re looking for in the pattern. But I ultimately decided to go sleeveless on this one so she can wear a cardigan over it when it gets chilly and have no bulkiness in the arms.

BTW: It occurred to me that the crochet work on the peacock’s tail (beautiful as it may be) might be a little too revealing on a 3-year-old. I decided to deviate from the pattern slightly and add another layer to the skirt (for modesty).


Even though the yellow gingham wasn’t part of my original plan, it turned out to be the perfect addition to this vintage-festive dress. I also embellished the hem with some vintage lace from my stash. LOVE how it turned out <3

Also, I should mention here that the skirt on the Gabriella Fae normally has a little more ‘fullness’ to it. My vintage pillowcase came a few inches shy in width than the pattern called for. But just look at how pretty she is. And I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. It’s perfect <3






So, I have to admit something……I have never sewn a zipper before. Shocking right? Lol. So while I was printing out this pattern and realized that it called for a zipper, I had a brief moment of panick. For some reason, I’ve been afraid to try one. Not sure why. It just seemed, for the longest time, to be one of those sewing skills that was out of my realm. I thought of trying to come up with an alternative closure for the back (ie: buttons, hooks, etc.), but ultimately decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it! Aaannnnd…..

Ehem…..Let’s just say my zipper skills leave a lot to be desired, lol! I had everything lined up perfectly, but when I sewed it on, it seems it shifted a tad on one side. Poo…..


Luckily, the Gabriella Fae comes with an optional, removable bow! No one will notice a thing, right? Ha ha, oh well. Good thing the rest of the dress is so darn cute! 😉




Do you like the Gabriella Fae dress? Click the Rafflecopter link to enter to win the PDF pattern! 🙂

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