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Orbis Skinny Harem Blog Tour

Yahhh! Today’s my day on the Orbis Skinny Harem Blog Tour from Sofilantjes.


If you’ve been following me, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now I always like to do an element of up-cycling in the blog tours I participate in. I have always had a penchant for up-cycling. And why not?! Up-cycling saves $$$ in fabric (although, I still spend too much $$$ on fabric, lol). It’s good for the environment (ill-fitting garments not ending up in the landfill). And, not to mention the sentimental aspect of re-purposing Daddy’s favorite (but now too small and stained) shirt into something for his little princess.

And, anyway. She IS Daddy’s little girl, after all. Takes after him in sooo many ways….. 😉


I started with one of Daddy’s old shirts. I believe, it came in a set with pajama bottoms. Super soft and cozy. He swears that everytime we wash it, it shrinks more and more….. Hmmm….. But if that weren’t the reason for him not wearing it anymore, it would be the multiple stains that mysteriously appeared…..Like, for no reason………….

I paired it with a scrap of Art Gallery floral, left over from a project from forever ago. Can’t even remember what I originally made with it. Ha! Either way, here I am keeping my word to use up all those scraps taking up space in my stash.


Upcycling is really not hard. If you think about it, it’s all useable material if you put a little thought into it.

I cut the shirt along the seams to make a nice, flat piece to work with. And, since this is a non-directional material (as in, there is no print or design determining the direction I need to place my pattern) I can easily work around that stain by cutting one of my pattern pieces up-side down, bypassing the stain all together.


And now, we have a nice, cozy, stain-free pair of Orbis skinny harems for my little princess. Made out of Daddy’s old shirt and accented with a scrap of left over fabric. The best part? They cost me nothing!


The Orbis Skinny Harems feature an assymetrical faux fly and super cool, over-sized pockets which (because my little girl can’t sit still for 5 seconds) I had the hardest time getting a clear photo of, lol. These pants have the skinny look of leggings, but still have room to move around and play. Perfect for this active little girl!



BTW: We had to do 3 photo shoots for these pants. I have been struggling to get decent pictures recently, so I dug out my husband’s old camera (from his photography days) and tried to be a pro, myself. But, our first photo shoot came out totally blurry! Soooo we tried again. And they came out better…..but still blurry…poo.

Over the weekend, my husband pointed out that I’ve been using the wrong lens…..Ugh. Oh well. Third time’s a charm, right? Welllll…..I still have some learning to do…..*sigh*

Oh well. At least the pants turned out super cute! 😉





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Until next time! 🙂