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Women’s Charlotte Dress

Women’s Charlotte Dress


Today, I am here to show you the latest pattern released from The Handmaiden’s Cottage. The NEW Women’s Charlotte Dress is definitely full of vintage style.

I have to admit, when I saw the testing call for the Women’s version of the Charlotte Dress from Handmaiden’s Cottage, I initially hesitated to sign up. As a stay-at-home mom living on a tiny Island, I don’t get much opportunity to dress up. Because let’s face it, pretty dresses just aren’t practical for a mom of 4, running kids around in our wet and rainy Pacific Northwest weather. Most days, I’m lucky if I even get to brush my hair, let alone throw on make-up and heels.

And, who am I kidding? I’ve always been a bit of a Tom-boy anyway. Dresses were never really never my thing. But the vintage charm of the scalloped collar and placket enticed me so much, that I just couldn’t resist (no matter how much I tried). So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went for it.

Anyway, we all like to feel pretty every now and again, right? Who needs a reason?!


I decided the vintage inspiration behind this dress deserved a good up-cycle. So I used, yet another, vintage bed sheet for the main fabric of this dress. I paired it with this lovely vintage-inspired black and white floral for the collar. And, vintage lace and mother-of-pearl buttons (dated from the 1950’s!) embellish these materials nicely!


Being a bit out of my element here, there are a few things I could have executed a little better as far as fit goes. Mainly, with my smaller cup size, I probably should have done a small bust adjustment. But overall, I am thrilled with how my vintage-inspired dress came out!



Now, let’s take about styling the dress

First of all, this was the perfect opportunity to wear my wedding pearls again. It’s not very often I get to wear my special, keepsake wedding jewelry. Better take advantage! 😉

Since it is still technically Winter, I paired my dress with a sweet and simple lavender cardigan. This look will definitely transition well for Spring!

And, YES! I made the cardigan too! This is the ever-so-versatile Vermont Cardigan from New Horizons. The pattern happens to be on sale in light of the Sew-A-Long happening right now! I absolutely love how it looks with this dress <3


Oh! And the shoes!!! I soooo love these shoes <3 <3 <3

I found them on the clearance rack (for like, $15!!!) at Macy’s several years ago, and they have been living happily-ever-after in my possession ever since. Ha! 😉


And, I have to do a little bragging about this purse!

I up-cycled a vintage embroidered table linen and sewed on the metal purse frame. By hand! It’s the perfect size to hold a cell phone (and other small essentials) without being cumbersome like a lot of designer bags tend to be. For that matter, I think it would be perfect for weddings too. For a closer look at this purse (and all my other vintage-inspired makes) hop on over to my Etsy shop and check it out! 😀


If you’re interested in the Charlotte Dress pattern, head on over to Handmaidens Cottage. The store is having a Spring Sale, 25% off sitewide (that includes her fabric shop, too!) through March 13, 2017. Use coupon code: Spring25 😉

Also be sure to join the Handmaiden’s Cottage FB Group to share your makes and be inspired by others as well.


I hope you found some vintage-style sewing inspiration here today 😉

Thanks for stopping by! <3


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