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The Most Insanely Comfortable Outfit EVER

As a stay-at-home Mom of 4 rambunctious kids, comfort is key! In a perfect world, I would just wear my PJ’s all day, every day. But, as much as I relish in those moments of embarrassing my teenage kids in front of their friends, I still have my dignity. So, I’ve compromised by sewing myself the most insanely comfortable outfit EVER!

Earlier this week, I shared with you some of the amazing kids patterns you’ll find at Zierstoff. If you missed it, go back and read it HERE. Trust me, you’ll want to see those!

Today, I am featuring 2 of the many Womens patterns available at Zierstoff. And I have to say, choosing was hard! There are so many, and I want to sew them ALL! So I decided to think practical (I know, I know…boring) and consider how I normally dress from day-to-day.

So, with comfort in mind, I decided to go with the Kitty Batwing Top and the Nicki Capris.

(Pics from Zierstoff)


The Kitty Batwing top is, as the name suggests, a dolman/batwing-style top. I love sewing up dolmans! They are comfortable without sacrificing style. And, they are super quick and easy to sew (great for beginners!)

But, what makes this dolman different than most? Raglan sleeves! Have you ever seen a dolman with raglan sleeves? I haven’t. Till now!

Amazing! Right? I sewed this one up in Rayon Spandex. Super cozy. But, kind of a pain in the…you know what…to work with. And, as much as I like the drapiness of it, I think I could do with a little less. I think I would like to sew my next Kitty (oh yes, their will be more) in a nice, soft Double Brushed Poly. Still nice and drapy, but just a little more structure.

I’d probably shorten the sleeves a bit too…Maybe…I don’t know. I actually like the comfort of having the sleeves a smidge long….So, scratch that. The longer length stays! 😉

With warmer, Spring weather (finally!) upon us, I chose to pair my Kitty Batwing top with the Nicki Capris. In hindsight, with such a loose and drapy top, I probably should have gone for something more fitted on the bottom (or, vise versa). But these capris are sooo comfortable. You just can’t go wrong with an elastic waistband and cuffs.


The next couple of photos contain images of my, Pacific Northwest, sun-neglected legs. Do NOT look directly at them. Doing so may cause temporary blindness.  

The Nicki Capris actually have 2 versions available. A woven version, or a knit version. In my itty, bitty brain, I bounced the idea around of sewing these in knits for the longest time. And, I probably still will! But, in the spirit of reducing my immense scrap pile (as mentioned in my previous post), I decided to use up the last of my Telio Stretch Denim I had sewn up my daughter’s denim jacket with a couple of weeks ago (you can read about that HERE). Can you believe that 2 yards was enough to sew both? Amazing!

The woven version of the Nicki Capris features cuffs with elastic casings. There is also the option of substituting the cuff with a knit band of desired. But personally, I like the versatility of the woven cuffs. I feel like it gives my capris the ability to be dressed up or down.

I did deviate slightly from the pattern instructions, though. Just a teensy bit…

The pattern calls for 1 1/8in. wide elastic, which is a size I don’t generally use and, consequently, didn’t have on hand. So instead, I stitched multiple casings into my cuffs and fed through 1/4in elastic. Worked out real well too!

BTW: I like to buy my 1/4in. elastic in bulk. That way, I always have plenty. Plus, it saves me a little “green.” WIN!

The Nicki Capris also have side pockets. Essential for a Mom of 4, who is constantly being asked to carry things….

BTW: Zierstoff is offering an amazing discount during the month of April 2017.

Use coupon code: MahlicaDesigns30 to get 30% off purchase!!!

So, that’s it! I hope you had fun here with me, during the tour. It was such a privilege to sew along with all these other talented ladies. Be sure to check them out, too 😉


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