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Geneva Cardigan Blog Tour

 Geneva Cardigan Blog Tour

Hey, all!

It’s my stop on Coffee and Thread’s Geneva Cardigan Blog Tour! Have you been following along? I am loving ALL the cardigans on the tour, so far. Everything from textured knits, and color-blocking, and frills, Oh My! So much inspiration!

First, I have to tell you; a little while ago, I was having a bad day (umm…week), so my husband gave me $$$ and kicked me out of the house. I should have bad days more often, right?! So, I thought I would do a little bit of bargain shopping and paid a visit to my local thrift store. And, guess what I discovered…. The fabric section!!!!! Holy moly! Why have I never looked here before? Just take a look at my bounty. I scored 30+ yards of material for only $60!

Among my finds were this white sweater knit and a super sweet blue floral woven (probably quilting cotton). When I spotted the sweater knit, I immediately thought of the Geneva Cardigan. And, since the collar can be done in wovens, I used the blue floral for the Peter Pan collar.

Geneva Cardigan Hack

And then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to change up the design (ever-so slightly) to give the cardigan a sweet little tie at the neck? All I did was extend the bias binding that goes around the neckline. I had to fiddle around with it a little to make it work, and it’s not perfect. But, just look how cute it turned out!

I also skipped the pockets on this one. Sweater knit doesn’t have the same level of recovery as the more stable fabrics the pattern calls for, and is thus more susceptible to sagging. Anway, with the looser weave of the sweater knit, I didn’t want my pocket lining to show through either.

BTW: If you’ve been following the tour so far, you may have noticed that my Peter Pan collar seems bigger than the others. Well, that’s because it is! For bigger impact, I went a size up on the collar. It just seems to add a sweet look of innocence to my adorable, but mischievous, little girl.

“Hey, Mom! Who should we prank-call?”

But, as cute as my hacked version of the Geneva Cardigan turned out, I still want to show you the awesomeness of the pattern, as is. Here are the versions I sewed up during the pattern testing.

The Geneva Cardigan isn’t just for girls. It’s great for boys, too! And, it is jam-packed with different collar and sleeve options. In addition to sewing up a super cute and girly version (as seen above), this pattern offers more casual options as well. So, I made 2 of these super versatile cardigans to demonstrate (gotta keep myself busy, lol)  😉

So, let’s start with my Girls Version.

As much I looove frilly things, I was going more casual this time. So, I went with the shirt collar on this one. Great for a classic looking, goes-with-everything type of cardigan.

The side pockets lend themselves well to a little accent fabric and a bit of creative top stitching. And, the clever design of these deep pockets means this girl can stuff as many rocks (umm…I mean “treasures”) as her little heart desires, and the lining won’t hang out from the bottom 😉

This was a great little scrap buster, too! I have been hoarding these Idle Wild scraps from Riley Blake, just waiting for the perfect project. I had just enough for the collar and pocket linings. Love it when things work out like that! 😀

For the main fabric, I used a lightweight French terry in a nice, Spring-y teal color. Perfect to wear as a cozy shirt with leggings.

BTW: You may have noticed the 2 different leggings (hearts above, solid grey below). We had an unfortunate run-in with gravity during our first photo shoot, that resulted in scraped knees and elbows. After much drama and LOTS of coddling, we went out for a second photo shoot in a new pair of leggings 😉

Now, for my boys version of the Geneva Cardigan.

For her brother’s cardigan, I went with the neckband option for a sportier, boy-ish look.

I used the same lightweight French terry for his cardigan, but in a darker shade of blue. He’s wearing his with a pair of classic, sporty plaid shorts. With our mild weather here in the Pacific Northwest, it is has become common practice to wear shorts with a sweater. Of course, this look is usually accompanied by wooly socks and Berkenstock sandals, but I’m not willing go that far….. High-top sneakers it is!

BTW: He loves his new cardigan. I swear! This is just the look of a brother who refuses to stand next to his little sister for pics. Siblings, eh?……

So, I will just put their pics next to each other instead. Ha! Neener-neener….Mom wins!!!


So, there you have it. I just love the versatility of the Geneva Cardigan! We can dress it up over a cute little dress (for her), and a classy pair of slacks (for him) and go to dinner at a fancy restaurant (if we dare to take these animals to a fancy restaurant). Or, wear it with cozy leggings or shorts for a fun, drama-free afternoon at the park (probably more our speed, lol).

And, guess what? Right now, Coffee and Thread is having a site-wide SALE for the blog tour! Use coupon code: GENEVAPATTERNTOUR for 15% off your entire purchase during the tour.

So, head on over to Coffee and Thread and get the Geneva Cardigan PDF pattern. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other amazing patterns their, too 😀

Also, be sure to check out all the other amazing Geneva Cardigans on the tour!