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Adventure Awaits! In our NEW Clipper Shorts from Jennuine Designs

Adventure Awaits! In our NEW Clipper Shorts from Jennuine Designs.

Hello, Friends!

School is officially out for Summer. And, that means sleeping in, fun times with family, and ADVENTURE! It also means HOT weather. So the release of this new shorts pattern is perfect timing. Adventure awaits! In our NEW Clipper Shorts from Jennuine Designs.

Truth be told, we are major homebodies. Now, don’t get me wrong. We like an adventure as much as the next. But we also enjoy just hanging out at home for a quiet, low key weekend. So, what did we do about it? We moved our family to a quiet island where we don’t have to far to go to find awesome adventure opportunities.

Let’s start with a trip to the beach. Because….when you live on an island….you are surrounded by beaches!

The Clipper Shorts in the longer Bermuda length seemed appropriate for a fun day on the shoreline.

For this pair, I used the ‘Pieced’ option that comes with the pattern. Basically, each shorts leg is split down the middle, giving way for the opportunity to do a little color blocking, add piping or lace, or use up fabric scraps. I decided to do a little play on stripes with these. A nautical-inspired drawstring adds to the ‘beachy’ look.

Attn: Please ignore all the wrinkles in the above pic.

This little girl was busy exploring and looking for sea creatures! We have these little crabs that like to hide out under the rocks. When you pick up a rock, they scatter like cockroaches. It’s kinda gross, lol. But she loves it! There she is, holding one (below). Eww!

As you may have noticed from the pics, we don’t have the warm, sandy beaches you’d find in California. Our beaches here in the Pacific NW are rocky and, often times, cold and windy. So pairing her shorts with a cozy hoodie is perfectly acceptable ’round these parts. This is the hoodie I sewed up for a re-branding event last Fall (read that post HERE).

Clipper Short #2

As fun and beachy as the Bermuda length turned out, the Clipper Shorts also come with a shorter option. So, of course I sewed up a second pair! And, for this adventure, we paid a visit to the Island Historic Society and Farm.

This may not be an operational farm anymore, but it is still buzzing with life.  It certainly tickles the imagination of a 4 year old little girl who loves to pick flowers and discover new things. We found nests full of baby birds and chased butterflies (and, they chased us!) Plus, there is just something to said for the beauty of the landscape here. We love to come here every chance we can get <3

Clipper Shorts Pattern Options

So while we’re here, let’s talk about all the options available with the Clipper Shorts pattern.

Options include:
  • Half placket with a buttoned waistband
  • Faux placket
  • No placket with a flat front waistband
  • Optional side pockets
  • Optional back Welt pockets
  • Bermuda length – hits just above the knee
  • Jamaica length – hits mid-thigh
  • Pieced – color-blocking option
  • Available in sizes ranging from newborn to 12 years

I added the optional half fly (no zip!) to this one for a more refined look. I also added lace to the pockets and a complimentary white flower button (functional). So sweet!

Wow! With all those options, you could make anything from a casual day-at-the-beach pair of shorts, to a refined set of school uniform shorts. So much versatility in one little pattern.

Right now, the Clipper Shorts and the Schooner Tee (perfect top to go with these shorts) are $5 each through 6/21. No code needed. Enjoy 25% off all other single pdf patterns in the shop with code CLIPPERRELEASE (also through 6/21).

Happy Sewing! <3

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