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NEW Alice Dress from The Handmaiden’s Cottage

NEW Alice Dress


The Handmaiden’s Cottage

Hello, friends!

How long has it been since I’ve sewn up anything Vintage-inspired? Well, I’ll tell you how long……Too long! I have been so caught up in other projects lately, I’ve been neglecting the sweet vintage style I hold so dear. So, I have to admit, I was more than excited to get to test out this amazing new sewing pattern: The NEW Alice Dress and Romper from The Handmaiden’s Cottage <3

Oh. My. Goodness!!! This dress is amazing!

I took a little inspiration from the ‘Alice’ name and went with an Alice in Wonderland approach. This blue cotton (purchased at Goodwill for $2!) was perfect for a sweet, Alice-inspired dress. The design features adorable red hearts, reminiscent of the Queen herself. “YES! Your, Maaaajesty!”

“The Mushroom, of course!”

This was a wonderful opportunity to dig into my stash of vintage linens!  The bodice panel is a separate piece, perfect for using up precious vintage remnants. I happen to have an old (incomplete) set of table linens that feature a woodland mushroom motif (so popular in the 70’s).

Many of them are badly stained from use at yesteryear’s dinner table. Many people would just throw these pieces of art away, but they are perfect for cutting and re-purposing. Somebody put a lot of work into that embroidery and it deserves a new life!

And, that bow is the sweetest thing EVER! I just can’t get over this open-back design. I used this unique feature as a novel spin on the pinafore Alice wore over her blue dress in the movie.

Although the Alice Dress and Romper is essentially sleeveless, the ruffly cap sleeves offer an adorable alternative to the puff sleeves on Alice’s traditional Disney dress.

A Sew Along

The Handmaiden’s Cottage is hosting an Alice Sew Along, starting July 31, 2017. Oh! I can’t wait! You won’t want to miss it. Join the Handmaiden’s Cottage FB Pattern Group so you can participate too, as well as see all the other amazing Alice Dresses (and rompers) that get sewn up. Don’t be late, for this very important date! (Get it?… white rabbit! Lol!)

I already have my next Alice all cut out and ready to go. This time, I am using a beautifully dainty, vintage embroidered hankie I received from, non other than, the pattern designer herself! How lucky am I!? Here’s a quick sneak peek…..

Be sure to check back for finished picks of my next Alice!


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