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DIY Fairy Costume

DIY Fairy Costume

Hello, Mystical Creatures!

This little Woodland Fairy is granting wishes all over the forest in her DIY Fairy Costume, made entirely with Rebecca Page patterns.

Why wait for Fall to roll around to make a fun DIY costume for my sweet little girl? A whimsical costume is a great way to inspire imaginative play, especially on a beautiful Summer day. This is the perfect time for her to run around and pretend to her hearts content… outside of the house! As a newly appointed Brand Ambassador for Rebecca-Page Patterns, I was super excited to sew this costume and offer my two cents on the sweetness of these new patterns.  <3

The NEW Felt Wings and  Fairy Crown & Wand are made with felt, which is super easy to use. Felt is resistant to fraying, comes in a multitude of colors and has about a million and one uses. Furthermore, while Rebecca-Page primarily consists of sewing patterns, these projects can be easily done without the use of a sewing machine. So, let’s go more into detail about these patterns individually, shall we?

Felt Wings Pattern & Tutorial

The NEW Felt Wings Pattern & Tutorial is an easy to follow PDF pattern, perfect for the sewing novice. The wing base is easily sewn together with quilting cotton and covered with individual feathers. The pattern includes four different shaped feather to accommodate any mystical creature you can dream up. The wings make a big impact, and are the perfect addition to any winged costume. Use them to make an adorable fairy (as seen here), a sweet little bird, or even a magical dragon (and, much more!) The sky’s the limit!

TIP: Sewing not your thing? Try making the wing base with a single sheet of felt and hot glue the arm bands and feathers instead. Easier and quicker.

Elf/Fairy Crown & Wand

The Elf/Fairy Crown & Wand are the perfect addition to the Felt Wings (although, they would look just as sweet by themselves, too!). My little fairy got a crown of flowers in colors that coordinate with her wings. To make an Elf Crown, just leave the flowers off and stick with leaves instead. For that matter, a crown made with dark green leaves pointed in the same direction, would work well for a gladiator’s costume. Or, a Greek goddess! Again, the possibilities are endless!

Save a Little Green

The Felt-Tastic Super Pack is a money-saving value pack containing 4 of the existing felt patterns in the Rebecca-Page shop.

  1. Felt Wings
  2. Elf/Fairy Crown & Wand
  3. Easy Felt Flowers
  4. Felt Animal Masks.

With the Felt-Tastic Super Pack, you’d have everything you need to make the ultimate costume.


As you can see here, I used a variety of woodland-inspired colors for this costume. But, you’re only limited by your imagination on these projects! Picture how cute the Felt Wings would be in a printed felt! The snowflakes in this pack from Amazon would make the cutest Winter fairy. And, the stars would add a touch more whimsy to any wish-granting fairy’s costume!

How cool would it be to incorporate actual feathers into the wings, too? Mix them in with your felt feathers for more of a ‘bird’ look.  These gold-tipped ones look amazing! 😉

Then, there’s the glue gun and glue sticks. Not required for these projects, but certainly helps speed things up. My Felt Wings were entirely sewn together, but I used my trusty glue gun for the Felt Crown 😉

The Dress

St. Tropez Swing is a pattern very near and dear to my heart. It is, after all, the pattern that introduced me to Rebecca-Page in the first place. I was lucky enough to get to test this pattern for her last year, and the rest is history. (You can see my previous St. Tropez HERE.) The open back feature is totally on-trend, and the St. Tropez has a sweet vintage vibe that I just adore.

Rebecca’s claim to fame for her brand is the fact that her clothing patterns have clean finishes with NO raw edges. She uses techniques that enclose all the seams, so the finished garment looks just as beautiful on the inside as it does out. And, the St. Tropez is certainly no exception! Here, I used white Bias tape to finish off the neck and back, which offered a little color contrast to her fairy dress. And, the side seams are exquisitely sewn with French seams.


I used a brilliant Batik fabric a family friend purchased from a textile artist on a trip to Africa many years ago. It’s vibrant and beautifully handmade, but I never knew how to use it. Till NOW! The butterflies and various other winged bugs are perfect for a Woodland Fairy costume. But, not exclusively. She can still wear it as an everyday dress, and it looks stunning. And, she absolutely loves it! <3

Playing dress-up was always one of my favorite things to do when I was little. Of course, back then it was a matter of raiding Mom and Dad’s closet and leaving a huge, wrinkled mess behind. Now, that I’m all grown up (most of the time) with kids of my own, we try to avoid such a messy scenario. And, using my sewing skills, provide a fun and whimsical activity for them to enjoy all Summer long.

I hope you were able to find good inspiration and resources here to make a sweet, Summer costume for your ‘littles’. What Summer costume will YOU make?


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Happy sewing!

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