Alivia Dress

New Alivia Dress

NEW Alivia Dress

Hi, there!

After all that fun with the Dolls House Quiet Book Sew Along, I took a little hiatus from writing. My little brain needed time to recoup, lol!  But that’s not to say I haven’t been busy! Been working on another tutorial, I hope to have up soon. Also been doing a lot of sewing for my Etsy Shop (gotta get inventory up for the Holidays!) And then, there’s this….. The NEW Alivia Dress from The Handmaiden’s Cottage! <3

Alivia Dress

I just can’t say enough about Lynn’s designs over at the Handmaiden’s Cottage! Her vintage-inspired styles are so charming and reminiscent of yesteryear. And, the finished product is always well put together with professional finishes.

And, the NEW Alivia Dress is certainly no exception!

Alivia Dress
Alivia Dress options.

WOW! Check out all the options available with Alivia!

  • 3 different skirt options – A classic gathered skirt, skirt with ruffled hem, or an overskirt with scalloped hemline.
  • 3 sleeve lengths – Short, 3/4 length, or sleeveless.
  • Button placket can be in the front or back of the dress.
  • 2 charming collar styles to choose from – A classic cape collar, or a scalloped option.
  • Sash with beltloops
  • Sizes 6mo – 12yr

You can go full-vintage with this dress, with the classic cape collar and frilly lace at the hem. Or, modernize it by leaving the collar off and putting the button placket in the front. Also, try tying the sash off to the side instead of the back. The Alivia Dress truly is a dress for everyone, at any age.

I LOVE vintage! So, for my daughter’s dress, I choose to sew up the overskirt with lace at the hem. There’s just something about an overskirt that screams ‘vintage’. And, I went with the scalloped collar, as well. Scallops seam to be a common feature in many of Lynns designs. It’s sort of her signature style. I love it!

Alivia Dress

I also chose to keep the button placket in the back, for a traditional vintage look. It’s a little difficult to see in the pics, but darts on the front and back of the bodice add to the vintage feel and look of the dress.

Alivia Dress

A Personal touch!

How sweet is the embroidered ‘A’ on her collar?!

Lynn designed an embroidery alphabet template for the Beatrice Dress, released last month. I loved it so much, I couldn’t help but use it to embellish the collar here. This larger-sized collar is the perfect canvas to add any extra detail your heart desires. A sweet, hand-embroidered monogram was the perfect thing! A great way to personalize this dress.

And, guess what? Lynn liked this idea so much, she is now including the alphabet template with the Alivia Pattern, as well. How sweet is that?!

Alivia Dress

The Alivia Dress is picture perfect for photo shoots. Also great for church and special occasions. Or, any time your little Princess wants to feel pretty! <3

This little girl loves hosting pretend tea parties! She felt so pretty in her new Alivia Dress while serving me a spot of pretend tea.

Alivia Dress

Shameless Plug!

Incidentally, pretend tea parties are great for inspiring imaginative play!

In a world where kids prefer to watch TV or play video games, I love activities that encourage my kids to use their imaginations. Dressing up and playing pretend is a great way to spend the afternoon. To facilitate her love of tea parties, I started making these little pretend tea bags. They are made from scraps of vintage embroidered linens. Aren’t they the sweetest thing? You can find them in my Etsy Shop. They make the perfect gift for any little girl, because they were inspired by my little girl! <3

Pretend Tea Bags
Pretend Tea Bags, made from vintage table linens!

And, no tea party would be complete without something to eat! How about some purple carrots to go with your tea, lol! Straight out of the garden 😀

Alivia Dress

Visit The Handmaidens Cottage to get the Alivia Dress PDF pattern. It’s on sale for just $5 during the release. Wow, $5!!! That’s a bargain for all the options included with this pattern!

Alivia Dress PDF Pattern

Something to put on your calendar

The Alivia Dress Sew Along begins Sept 18, 2017. Once you’ve purchased the pattern, hop on over to the Alivia Dress Sew Along FB Group and sew along with us! Hope to see you there <3

Happy sewing!

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