Vintage Inspired Outfit
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Vintage Inspired Outfit

Vintage-Inspired Outfit


Have you seen the latest release from Rebecca Page? The Berry Bubble Shorts, you all have come to know and love, just got extended (literally)! The Berry Bubble Shorts are now available in 2 new lengths – Pants and capris. And, the look? Vintage chic, meats modern-day fashion. EEK! I was so excited! I wasted no time sewing up this lovely vintage-inspired outfit.

Vintage Inspired Outfit

If you’ve never sewn, or heard of Rebecca Page patterns, you are missing out! Her incredible patterns feature hidden seams and no raw edges. Clean finishes, such as French seams and bias binding, are a consistent feature in her patterns. This gives you a garment that is just as beautiful inside as it is out. Personally, I find them more comfortable to wear, too. The extra few minutes it takes to complete these finishes are sooo worth it!

That said, her patterns are serger friendly, as well. She includes separate instructions for those who prefer to save time and use a serger.  The Berry Bubble Shorts and Add-on are certainly no exception!

Berry Bubble Add-on

The original Berry Bubble Shorts are lined on the inside. This makes them so cozy and perfect for Fall layering! With the Add-on, the lining has been replaced with the clean finishes mentioned above. This means you now get a lighter pair of shorts, more appropriate for hot Summer weather. Perfect for you Aussies heading into Spring right now 😉

In addition to altering the finishes, the Berry Bubble also got 2 new lengths! Pant length (seen here) or capris.

Vintage Inspired Outfit

I used a medium-weight denim for a more structured fit for my Berry Bubble Pants. These would also look great in linen or suiting fabric too.

In fact, these would be perfect for the office! Almost makes me wish I was working in banking again…Umm…wait…what am I saying!? I would MUCH rather be home sewing, lol!

Sew ALL the Berry Bubbles! 😀

Vintage Inspired Outfit

I love the front panel and button detail on these. I think it gives these pants a 1940’s vintage look. Like the sailor pants that were so popular at the time.

I’m also a fan of the bias binding on the pockets. Definitely a more finished and professional detail.

Vintage Inspired Outfit

One thing I should mention…

I did take a little width out of the legs. The Berry Bubble pants are designed to be a wide legged pant. VERY on-trend at the moment! But, the extra structure in my denim seemed to accentuate that, and my short legs (I am 5′ 3″) kinda got swallowed up in there. So, keep that in mind if you’re on the petite side and plan to use a thicker material for yours 😉

Where To Find The Pattern

Hop on over to the Rebecca Page website. ALL Berry Bubble related patterns are on sale during the Add-on release.

~ If you already own the Berry Bubble Shorts pattern, you only need to purchase the Berry Bubble Add-on for just $5.50 to make these amazing pants.

Berry Bubble Add-On

~ If you DON’T already own the Berry Bubble Shorts pattern, get The Bundle (includes the Berry Bubble pattern and the Add-on) for just $16 right now (original $25.50)

Berry Bubble Bundle

Vintage Inspired Outfit

And, how about the shirt?

This is the Madison Blouse (also Rebecca Page). Another design that is vintage-inspired, but totally on-trend right now. I hacked this particular blouse, and did a Bishop Sleeve Tutorial (check it out HERE).

Vintage Inspired Outfit

I actually happened to see an almost identical blouse at the Gap recently. It would be pretty easy to substitute the tie neck collar for a ruffle and contrasting bias strip. Hmm…future tutorial idea, perhaps?

Gap blouse
Photo from

BTW: You all know I’m a major cheapskate, right? I’m sure I’ve mentioned this once or twice (ok… a LOT) in previous blog posts. Lol!

I up-cycled a vintage bed sheet to make my Madison Blouse. It was a sheet I’ve had in my stash for quite some time, and have sewn up a few things from it. You can generally find them at thrifts stores and yard sales for less than $10. That’s a much easier-to-swallow price tag than $60 for this blouse at the Gap.

I betcha it’s far more comfortable too. Because…..bed sheets 😉

Vintage Inspired Outfit

Speaking of being frugal…

The denim I used for these Berry Bubble pants was purchased at a HUGE rummage sale I went to this Summer (read all about my amazing, once-a-year thrifting spree HERE).  I found this 2 1/2 yard cut of denim for just $5!

Vintage Inspired Outfit

Using all thrifted and up-cycled material, this entire vintage-inspired outfit was made for a small fraction of what you would pay for designer brands. That’s a big WIN in my book!

Happy sewing!


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