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My name is Amy and I am a seamstress. While I enjoy testing new sewing patterns and participating in the occasional blog tour, my real passion lies in up-cycling vintage embroidered linens.

Vintage embroidered linens have always had a special place in my heart.

While someone took the time to hand-stitch a work of art, it should be appreciated and admired by all. Not packed away in grandma’s dusty attic. Or, worse…Thrown out! And, what better way to get them noticed than to carry them for all to see as a fresh, new coin purse or clutch?

But, if you get to the heart of I really do and why, you’ll find it’s not just about cutting up a dusty old linen to make something new. It’s about breathing new life into a once forgotten love. Paying tribute to the women who lived in such a pivotal moment in history. The women who watched their husbands ship off to war, anxiously awaiting their return. The women who hand-cooked every meal and raised their children with love and integrity. The women who instilled in us our values and believes. They paved the way for how we live today, and we appreciate them for that.

What I believe about my work above all is that I am paying homage to the women of yesteryear. Bringing new joy to the thing they put their heart and soul into years before. My hope is that I can influence the women of today to find beauty in a place and time they never thought to look. Rejuvenating and transforming these linens into timeless and functional accessories for today’s women is an honor for me. Visit my Etsy shop to see the allure for yourself.

Elegance Anew
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Vintage linens are a piece of history. When you carry one of my purses, you are carrying the very thing that brought joy and comfort to so many before us. Carry it with love and pride. As, that is the way it was made.



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